James P. Degnan

James P. Degnan is a professor of English at Santa Clara State University.

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  • He Loved New York
    February 1994

    He Loved New York

    Long regarded by critics, fans, and various of his colleagues at the New Yorker as America's finest literary journalist, 85-year-old Joseph Mitchell had not, until recently, published a word since 1965, and people wondered what he was doing in his small cubicle at the New Yorker's offices, where he has regularly appeared for over half a century.

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  • December 1992

    The Great San Jose Finger Flap

    I recently watched a television special about the life and times of Jessica Mitford, and the program took me back fifteen years or so to my first meeting with Jessica.

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  • Intermediate Frisbee
    October 1991

    Intermediate Frisbee

    Jacques Barzun, for nearly half a century, has been telling us what is wrong with our schools and what we might do to improve them. This he continues to do in his most recent book, Begin Here.

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  • Beyond Victimology
    May 1991

    Beyond Victimology

    Shelby Steele's The Content of Our Character, a collection of essays, is mainly an attack on affirmative action, black separatism, and other such programs, policies, and trends that flourish in American universities and that Steele opposes, first of all, because he regards them as racist.

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