James L. Sauer

James L. Sauer is a college library director in the Philadelphia area.

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  • March 1994

    Women's History Month

    April is the crudest month, according to Mr. Eliot. But I believe March is crueller. For March is Women's History Month, and from out of every crevice and dark hole, like Orcs scurrying from J.R.R. Tolkien's Minas Morgul, come she-things swinging their war-axes, craving blood and ideological battle. Behold, the wrath of Mordor.

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  • December 1988

    The Dinosaur

    Lewis was fond of referring to himself as an Old Western Man, one of a soon-to-be-extinct species: a veritable dinosaur. As a classically educated member of the Anglo-Irish middle class, one born at the turn of the century, his opinions to most modernists must certainly appear Paleolithic.

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  • November 1988

    No Water in the Wine

    Stanley Jaki, a Catholic priest and a prolific historian of science, has produced a series of scholarly, at times plodding, essays derived from lectures he delivered at Notre Dame. It purports to be the first full treatment of Chesterton and science.

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  • February 1988

    Swan Song

    Tucked away in the residential area along suburban Philadelphia's main line lies the idyllic campus of Eastern College. For the last four years this Christian academic institution has sponsored the Evangelical Roundtable: an attempt to find definition in the ideologically shattered realms of Evangelical-land.

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  • May 1987

    A Chesterton Adventure, Protestantly Considered

    The last speaker ended at 10:30, Saturday night. I was at St. Michael's College in Toronto for the 50th Anniversary Conference, commemorating G.K. Chesterton's death.

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  • July 1986

    Pastor to the Pariahs

    Dramatic conversions happen. F.F. Bruce, the noted New Testament scholar, is not alone in insisting that no one can understand Paul of Tarsus without considering his experience on the road to Damascus.

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Results: 6 Articles found.