James J. Thompson Jr.

James J. Thompson Jr. was book review editor for The New Oxford Review.

Latest by James J. Thompson Jr. in Chronicles

  • May 1988

    The Rubble of Reconstruction

    In July 1865 John R. Dennett, a Massachusetts journalist and recent graduate of Harvard College, arrived in Norfolk, Virginia, the first stop on an eight-month journey that would take him from Virginia to Louisiana. Dennett's tour was sponsored by The Nation, a new journal of liberal opinion that eyed the recently defeated Confederacy with special attention.

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  • Lady and the Vamp
    June 1986

    Lady and the Vamp

    An old-fashioned historian can be forgiven for feeling a touch of empathy for the bewildered Egyptians upon whom Yahweh emptied the vessels of wrath some 3,500 years ago.

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  • The Radical Virus
    December 1984

    The Radical Virus

    The pursuit of what is best for one's country makes at times for strange bedfellows and surprising ironies.

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