James J. Novak

James J. Novak (1939-1996) was the author of Bangladesh: Reflections on the Water.

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  • All Post-Keynesians Now
    March 1995

    All Post-Keynesians Now

    For connoisseurs of biography, Robert Skidelsky's projected three-volume work, John Maynard Keynes, will rank with the best of the genre. The first volume appeared over a decade ago under the subtitle Hopes Betrayed. The second volume, under review here, surpasses the first. The third is not yet finished.

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  • April 1993

    On Memorial Day

    Though my wife and I make our part-time home in Florida, in the port town of Fort Pierce, for the past six years we have made it a custom to attend Memorial Day services at Vero Beach a few miles up Route AIA.

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  • March 1993

    The Pilgrims' Progress

    If there is one constant at yard sales, estate auctions, and second-hand bookstores in this state, it is the presence of old books, Bibles, classics, and diverse texts that once made splashes before sinking into obscurity.

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