James Everett Kibler

James Everett Kibler is author of Our Fathers’ Fields (winner of the Fellowship of Southern Authors Award for Nonfiction in 1999) and the recently published novel Walking Toward Home. His novel Memory’s Keep is due this spring. He writes and farms in the county of his birth in Upcountry South Carolina.

Latest by James Everett Kibler in Chronicles

  • The Writer as Farmer
    November 2005

    The Writer as Farmer

    Nights are pitch dark here. Looking up at a wonderfully clear sky, I think of how few places today permit stars.

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  • National Enormities
    May 1994

    National Enormities

    Seed From Madagascar, first published in 1937 and now printed for the third time, is an agrarian memoir. Its author was one of the last rice planters of coastal Carolina, from a family who had been in the business for two centuries.

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