James B. Graves

James B. Graves is a former classics professor who lives in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Latest by James B. Graves in Chronicles

  • January 1992

    Suspending Relations

    The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, with a membership of some two million under the leadership of Archbishop Iakovos, suspended its relations last June with the National Council of Churches.

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  • Wills' Way
    March 1991

    Wills' Way

    Garry Wills is, of course, the talented apostate conservative whose interpretative political reporting avoids the usual journalistic cliches. No one will disagree that Wills penetrates events more deeply than do, say, the editorial writers for the New York Times, any more than he will deny that Wills' insight and wit are broadly in service to the social agenda promoted by the Times.

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  • Phonic Booms
    January 1991

    Phonic Booms

    In Forked Tongue, her important new public policy study-cum-expose whose proposals seem as likely to create new problems as to solve some old ones, Rosalie Pedalino Porter doesn't get down to root causes.

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  • Education and Community
    September 1990

    Education and Community

    Poet, critic, and teacher Marion Montgomery is known to have taken a fortnight's break from a book project in order to write another book!

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