Ivan Eland

Ivan Eland, a senior fellow and director of the Center on Peace and Liberty at the Independent Institute, is the author of The Empire Has No Clothes: U.S. Foreign Policy Exposed and Putting “Defense” Back into U.S. Defense Policy.

Latest by Ivan Eland in Chronicles

  • Target Hit, No Bull’s Eye
    May 2006

    Target Hit, No Bull’s Eye

    George Packer’s The Assassins’ Gate aptly exposes the incompetence of the Bush administration’s occupation of Iraq. The author has traveled to Iraq many times to talk to leading Iraqis, their not-so-prominent fellow citizens, and U.S. policymakers.

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  • Israel and America
    May 2005

    Israel and America

    In the 2000 presidential campaign, George W. Bush promised a more humble U.S. foreign policy. Five years later, that pledge has turned out to be nothing but disingenuous rhetoric used to contrast his campaign with the activist foreign policy of the Clinton-Gore administration.

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