Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones

Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones is the Regius Professor of Greek Emeritus at Oxford University and the author of several books, including The Justice of Zeus.

Latest by Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones in Chronicles

  • Notes on American Education
    September 2003

    Notes on American Education

    The great American universities are, on the whole, the best in the world, and any European who comes to teach in them is sure to be impressed by the liveliness and enthusiasm of many American students.

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  • The Secretary of Education Doesn't
    May 1999

    The Secretary of Education Doesn't

    Monsignor Ronald Knox, when asked to conduct a baptismal service in the English language, replied that the Devil knew Latin, thus supplying a title for this lively, informative, and intelligent book.

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  • Ancient Greek Religion
    April 1996

    Ancient Greek Religion

    The religion of the ancient Greeks is startlingly different from Christianity. It has been misinterpreted by people who think that since it is a religion it must be like Christianity, and also by people who think that because it is not like Christianity it is not really a religion at all.

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