Herbert Schlossberg

Herbert Schlossberg is a Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, is a leading scholar on the relationship between Christianity and the societies in which it has existed.

Latest by Herbert Schlossberg in Chronicles

  • May 1988

    Going Home

    The taxi ride to Manhattan after the first shuttle flight of the day from Washington puzzled me. Why did scenes that should have been familiar from 30-odd years before seem so new and strange?

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  • April 1987

    Reenchanting the World

    Kant has few readers outside of university philosophy departments, but his influence obviously extends to Los Angeles. Part of Kant's legacy to the modern world is the iron curtain that seals off all reality into two compartments: that which can be known by the senses—phenomena—and that which cannot be known by the senses—noumena.

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  • April 1986

    The Captain and His Cause

    Our town was recently graced by a visit and lecture from one of the nation's foremost philosophers. Captain Kangaroo came to this outpost on the Tundra, only a hundred miles or so southeast of Lake Wobegon, to speak at the Town Hall Forum series put on by the local ecclesiastical emporium.

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  • January 1986

    Money and Mammon

    Christian moral thinking has always had to harmonize with New Testament texts such as "the love of money is the root of all evils," and "blessed are the poor."

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