Henry Precht

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  • February 1993

    Making Peace

    George Bush's offer of $10 billion in loan guarantees to help Israel resettle Soviet and Ethiopian refugees may or may not have been a brilliant move for American diplomacy and domestic politics.

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  • An Economic Illness

    Pollsters and pundits seem to think our American malaise is an economic illness that will be cured when the recession ends. I spent my State Department career deeply involved with the Shah's regime and revolutionary Iran and I smell deja vu.

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  • June 1992

    A Tale of Two Cities

    Visits in the space of ten days to Toronto, Ontario, and then Tifton, Georgia, demand reflective analysis for stronger reasons than the compelling force of alliteration. The city and the town are so different that the visitor to both is driven to look for the faintest similarities.

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