Henry Mason III

Henry Mason III is an attorney in Chicago

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  • November 1985

    The "News: From Moscow

    Though Shultz and Godson fre­quently sacrifice clarity for pedantry, any attempt to expose the Soviet disre­gard for truth can only be welcome.

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  • Fuzzy Focus & Clear Vision
    January 1985

    Fuzzy Focus & Clear Vision

    Every now and again a book appears which, despite its pervasive deficiencies, is destined to become a minor classic simply because it epitomizes the delusions of an epoch. Such, for example, were the bogus Sir John Mandeville's Travels, a compendium of medieval credulity about men who walked on their heads or had eyes in their stomachs.

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  • July 1984

    Selling the Rope...and More

    Red Carpet, depressing as it is, performs the useful service of making apparent to Americans what the Bolsheviks have always known about the character and intelligence of their groveling commercial suitors.

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  • February 1984

    Traveling in Spiraling Circles

    As a memoir of a competent journalist’s daily experiences in often unusual surroundings, Salisbury’s book possesses some merit; as an attempt to analyze Soviet behavior, it is as hopelessly simplistic as the editorial page of the New York Times itself.

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  • A Flounder and the Shark
    December 1983

    A Flounder and the Shark

    It is surprising that the Director of Harvard's Russian Research Center could pay so little attention to how the Bolshevik leaders explain their conduct both to themselves and to the world at large.

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