Harry Nicolaides

Harry Nicolaides is a freelance Australian journalist who recently visited Burma.

Latest by Harry Nicolaides in Chronicles

  • Checkpoint Child Porn
    January 2009

    Checkpoint Child Porn

    In a small, dimly lit room at the Burmese immigration office, on the border of northern Thailand and Burma, there is a large, luminous portrait of Gen. Than Shwe, festooned with medals and ribbons.

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  • The Greening of the Gold Rush
    October 2008

    The Greening of the Gold Rush

    It began innocently enough, like any other workshop—a large university auditorium; speakers from the United Nations, foreign business consortia, and local government; and an obscure member of the Thai royal family ringing an auspicious gong.

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  • Bridge of Hope
    January 2008

    Bridge of Hope

    In 1958, when the first barbed-wire barricades were rolled out by the British colonial government across Ledra Street in the capital of Cyprus, it seemed inevitable that the seeds of division would yield a bitter harvest of intercommunal conflicts, regional tensions, and, finally, the partition of the whole island.

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  • The Year of Teaching Dangerously
    September 2007

    The Year of Teaching Dangerously

    Somewhere in the Arabian Desert, a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit rockets along the highway under a smuggler’s moon. The driver is a Saville Row bespoke-suited expatriate.

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