Harold O.J. Brown

Theologian Harold O.J. Brown (1933-2007) was the religion editor of Chronicles until his death this past July. This article was drawn from Chapter 13 (“Crisis and Resolution”) of his final book, The Sensate Culture, published in 1996. The Sensate Culture itself was drawn from Dr. Brown’s observations and elaborations on the work of Pitirim Alexandrovich Sorokin (1889-1968), particularly his 1941 book The Crisis of Our Age.

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  • May 1986

    A Manly Celibate

    What the late Axel Springer (1912-1985) was to the world of newspaper publishing, legal scholar Jacques Ellul is to Protestants, and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is to writers, . . . a man whose many gifts would make him a sought-after celebrity if his deepest convictions were not so dramatically out-of-fashion.

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Results: 61 Articles found.