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Theologian Harold O.J. Brown (1933-2007) was the religion editor of Chronicles until his death this past July. This article was drawn from Chapter 13 (“Crisis and Resolution”) of his final book, The Sensate Culture, published in 1996. The Sensate Culture itself was drawn from Dr. Brown’s observations and elaborations on the work of Pitirim Alexandrovich Sorokin (1889-1968), particularly his 1941 book The Crisis of Our Age.

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  • January 1996

    A New, "Inclusive" Bible

    Oxford University Press, perhaps the most prestigious English language Bible publisher (although far from the largest), brought out The New Testament and Psalms: An Inclusive Version on September 11.

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  • America's Christian Heritage
    July 1995

    America's Christian Heritage

    One need not be a professing Christian, or even merely a generic or nominal Christian, to have received and benefited from what we call America's Christian heritage.

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  • Politics and Civilization
    July 1994

    Politics and Civilization

    William Pfaff, syndicated political columnist for the International Herald Tribune (Paris), is probably the most perceptive writer in the world today on European affairs, particularly as they affect and are affected by American policy.

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  • Games and the Man
    February 1994

    Games and the Man

    Spoken by the editor of the Harvard Lampoon at freshman orientation, those words had life-changing impact on a certifiable high-school nerd from the far South.

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  • Arguing With Jesus
    November 1993

    Arguing With Jesus

    Professor Neusner, one of the world's most accomplished scholars in the field of religious studies, begins by proclaiming that as a practicing and believing Jew he says a polite "No" to another practicing and believing Jew—but one who made extraordinary claims for himself —Jesus of Nazareth.

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  • Conspiracy in the Caves
    August 1992

    Conspiracy in the Caves

    From the time of their discovery in 1947, the "scrolls from the Dead Sea" have been a source of fascination, speculation, consternation, confusion, and, in the view of these two authors, a far-reaching religious conspiracy.

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  • Regression and Renewal
    January 1992

    Regression and Renewal

    In February 1941, the world was at war. Nazism and fascism ruled virtually all of Europe and parts of Africa. Imperial Japan was poised to conquer much of East Asia. Joseph Stalin still controlled the world's largest land mass, although Hitler was soon to shake Stalin's throne.

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  • December 1991

    Causing Divisions

    AIDS, like abortion, seems to have divided the religious community along conservative and liberal lines. One might suppose, in a reasonably rational society, that the increasing availability of contraceptives would reduce the incidence of abortion.

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  • September 1991

    The Seventh World Council of Churches

    The World Council of Churches convened its Seventh Assembly at Canberra, Australia, early in February 1991, just in time to pronounce a verdict on the Persian Gulf War.

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  • Receiving "Moral" Support

    Bishop Spong's agitation for the ordination of practicing homosexuals received "moral" support last February from the Special Task Force on Human Sexuality of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

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  • December 1990

    Freedom of Religion

    Freedom of Religion is important to Americans. So is freedom of expression. Both freedoms are traditionally guaranteed by the First Amendment, which prohibits government interference in religious freedom either by establishing a religion or by forbidding religious exercises.

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  • Good News
    December 1990

    Good News

    A roundtable of writer's share good news.

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  • November 1990

    Changing Mottos

    Harvard University, in 1959, refused more than $350,000 in money offered for student loans by the National Defense Education Act in the wake of the Soviets' Sputnik shock because of the requirement that students submit to an oath and an affidavit of loyalty and noncommunist affiliation.

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  • September 1990

    Exclusive Institutions

    Mills College recently repulsed the male invasion invited by the college's board of trustees, and it will remain all female, for the immediate future at any rate.

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  • Nationwide Attention

    Ryan White's death in Indianapolis on Palm Sunday attracted nationwide attention. In retrospect, it is apparent that the initial public reaction to Ryan's illness, demanding his exclusion from school, was as unwarranted as it was cruel.

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  • April 1989

    A Sacred Social Order

    Molnar's thesis, which he develops carefully with many illustrations, is that power—the political order—needs to be based on a vision of a sacred order if it is to endure and to be healthy.

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  • Racial Integrity
    August 1988

    Racial Integrity

    The early chapters of the Bible present two major stories of judgment: the Deluge and the Tower of Babel.

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  • Pluralism in Miniature
    May 1988

    Pluralism in Miniature

    Science was a sacred cow in the United States in the 1950's. The words "Science says . . . " came with all the force of an imperial command. Pluralism has taken on the same status in the late 1980's.

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  • The Treason System
    November 1987

    The Treason System

    The Germans have a word for it: Schadenfreude. It means, literally, harm-joy, and refers to the nasty but common human tendency to rejoice when harm comes to someone else. In English, we don't have the word, but we certainly have the phenomenon.

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  • April 1987

    The German Swindle

    To walk along a narrow ridge or cliff path, German-speakers will tell you, you have to be schwindelfrei. The French word vertige exists in English (vertigo), but we would be more likely to say "dizziness."

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