Harley Price

Harley Price is a medieval and Renaissance scholar at the University of Toronto. His essays have appeared in The Epoch Times, The Interim and other journals. His book, Give Speech A Chance: Heretical Essays, will be published this spring.

Latest by Harley Price in Chronicles

  • Tom Bethell (1936–2021)
    June 2021

    Tom Bethell (1936–2021)

    Tom Bethell refused to be cowed by politically correct opinion. He was well-known for his groundbreaking work challenging the scientific rigor and logic of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, which he recognized as a weapon against Christianity.

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  • Laughing at the Hereafter
    April/May 2021

    Laughing at the Hereafter

    A new book by Bart D. Ehrman, modernist writer on the history of religion, continues his project of trying to prove that orthodox Christian doctrine is inauthentic, childish, deceitful, and malevolent, by rehashing ancient critiques of the faith.

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