H. Lee Cheek Jr.

H. Lee Cheek, Jr., who teaches political science at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, is a United Methodist clergyman and the author of Calhoun and Popular Rule (University of Missouri Press).

Latest by H. Lee Cheek Jr. in Chronicles

  • December 2000

    Societas Regained: Agrarianism, Faith, and Moral Action

    Nourished by daily labors in the fields, the agrarian community not only produced a more stable and wholesome environment for families and workers than industrialism could offer, but an agrarian community was also more conducive to religious and moral living.

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  • Enduring Wisdom
    December 1988

    Enduring Wisdom

    "Wise Men" is a collection of 11 lively essays by the wise old sage who is contemporary conservatism's most able prophet. The Kirk neophyte will find these essays most alluring; it is unusual to experience such an affirmation of the "permanent things" in our current age.

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  • September 1985

    Unsung but Unvanquished

    Though one of the original Agrarians—men now widely considered prophets—Andrew Lytle is an unheralded man of letters. He has been an influential editor, essayist, farmer, poet, and novelist.

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