George W. Carey

George W. Carey (1933-2013) was Professor of Government at Georgetown University and a Senior Contributor to The Imaginative Conservative

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  • The Perfect Republic
    August 2008

    The Perfect Republic

    Augustin Cochin (1876-1916), a French historian little known today, sought to provide a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of the French Revolution with an eye to discovering the reasons for the terror and butchery that arose in its course.

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  • A Conservative in Crisis
    March 2002

    A Conservative in Crisis

    Those who have only a passing acquaintance with the history of post-World War II conservatism are not likely even to have heard of Francis Graham Wilson.

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  • A Good Communitarian Is Hard to Find
    January 1997

    A Good Communitarian Is Hard to Find

    This thoughtful and provocative analysis of the new communitarianism can profitably be viewed as a case study in how liberalism, not unlike scheming alien forces in sci-fi movies, assumes new and attractive forms to beguile the unwary.

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  • Rediscovering Philadelphia
    September 1996

    Rediscovering Philadelphia

    The theme that unites the short, somewhat disparate eight chapters of this book is the use by the Supreme Court of unenumerated rights—that is, rights beyond those specifically enumerated in the Bill of Rights—to invalidate state laws.

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  • Circumventions and Subversions
    February 1996

    Circumventions and Subversions

    The basic concerns of this book go well beyond detailing how the original goals of the civil rights movement have been shamelessly perverted by the courts and bureaucracy.

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  • Constitutional Disorder
    July 1995

    Constitutional Disorder

    The Supreme Court, as Stephen Presser laments, has wandered far off course; increasingly its Justices have taken to reading their own preferences and prejudices into the Constitution, thereby abandoning their solemn obligation to act as its guardians by interpreting its provisions in accordance with the basic values and intentions of the Framers.

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  • Our Constitution: Alive or Dead?
    April 1991

    Our Constitution: Alive or Dead?

    Consensus on the benign motives of our Founding Fathers and the nature of the Constitution that had persisted through the 19th century began to crack at the beginning of the 20th under assaults from the Progressives.

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  • Two Countries, Two Cultures
    February 1990

    Two Countries, Two Cultures

    The publication of Eric Voegelin's Autobiographical Reflections is a small but highly significant step in an enormous project that has been undertaken by the Louisiana State University Press, the publication of his collected works.

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Results: 8 Articles found.