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George McCartney, a professor of English at St. John's College, is film editor for Chronicles.  He is the author of Evelyn Waugh and the Modernist Tradition (Transaction).

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  • Grim Foolishness
    December 2019

    Grim Foolishness

    I’ve seen only two-and-a-half Quentin Tarantino films, which seems to me one more than enough. They’re silly, trashy, and singularly devoid of amusement. Why would I see another? But when his latest, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, received enthusiastic notices elsewhere, I thought I should try it. Could I have misjudged his work? I can confidently report that my original judgment was correct.

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  • Mayhem and Civility
    November 2019

    Mayhem and Civility

    Joker, Downton Abbey, and The Conversation • There must be other films as ghastly as director Todd Phillips’ Joker, but I can’t think of any that come close to its sickness. I don’t say that lightly. This is a thoroughly immoral film, and a profoundly unpleasant one, unless, of course, you hanker for gruesome scenes.

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  • October 2019

    Hiding in Delusion

    Although Where’d You Go, Bernadette stars the incomparable Cate Blanchett along with a strong cast that includes Billy Crudup and Kristen Wiig, the film is a serious disappointment. I shouldn’t have been surprised, given it was released in mid-August, which is when studios dump films they suspect will be losers.

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  • Hazardous Do-Overs
    September 2019

    Hazardous Do-Overs

    America was founded on the idea of the second chance. People unhappy with their lives in Europe sailed to the New World, where they hoped they could escape oppression and failure. This gave rise to the peculiarly American idea that it is possible to overcome the weight of the past and reinvent oneself to one’s own specifications. It doesn’t always work out, but hope is a virtue that springs eternal. If your new self disappoints, you could always pick up stakes and move farther west in search of regions more hospitable to your dreams.

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  • August 2019

    The Naked and The Veiled

    German director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s new film, Never Look Away, now available for online streaming, considers the Nazi and communist twin ideologies that strove to perfect the human species via sterilization, euthanasia, and mass killing. Chernobyl details the events of April 26, 1986, when one of the four nuclear reactors at Chernobyl blew up. High Life proves that with the right kind of reputation a director is insulated from negative reviews.

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