George McCartney

George McCartney, a professor of English at St. John's College, is film editor for Chronicles.  He is the author of Evelyn Waugh and the Modernist Tradition (Transaction).

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  • Hankering Hereafter
    June 2020

    Hankering Hereafter

    The Invisible Man (2020) • Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss (2018) • Panic in the Streets (1950)

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  • Family Finances
    April/May 2020

    Family Finances

    Parasite may be both the most amusing and the most horrifying movie of the year. That is, if you can get past its inept attempt at making a political statement.

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  • The World's Values
    March 2020

    The World's Values

    1917 • La Grande Illusion (1937) • Paths of Glory (1957) • Uncut Gems

    Sam Mendes’ new film, 1917, is a rigorous examination of what it was like to be a low-ranking officer in the Great War. The film follows—literally, with a camera just over their shoulders—two young lance corporals, mere boys, as they attempt to follow mission orders that may well prove fatal.

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  • The Perils of Revisionism
    February 2020

    The Perils of Revisionism

    The Irishman • Raging Bull • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker •

    Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman has been hailed in many quarters as a triumph, a return to the early movies of his career that made his reputation as the preeminent director of mob cinema. I wonder, is this a desirable accolade? Speaking for myself, I’ve had quite enough mafia-inflected entertainment.

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  • Racing for Dominance
    January 2020

    Racing for Dominance

    Jojo Rabbit • Ford v Ferrari • A Simple Plan

    Jojo Rabbit, written, directed, and produced by Taika Waititi, is a strange movie. It breaks the 74-year-old rule that Hitler must never be portrayed as playful, prankish, or in any other way amusing. Yet that’s precisely what Waititi has done. What’s more, he’s taken on the acting challenge of portraying the monster.

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