George Core

George Core was editor of the Sewanee Review.

Latest by George Core in Chronicles

  • A Writer for All Seasons
    June 1992

    A Writer for All Seasons

    E.B. White described Henry David Thoreau, that thorny individualist, as a regular hair shirt of a man; and no matter how much we may like the Thoreau of Walden and his other writing, few of us could bear having him as a neighbor.

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  • A Durable Fire
    December 1990

    A Durable Fire

    George Garrett is a man of letters—a member of a diminishing breed that may soon vanish. For well over three decades he has regularly published poetry, criticism, and fiction long and short; he has also written screenplays and memoirs, and explored still other modes.

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  • May 1990

    Three Voices From the South

    Nearly sixty years ago John Peale Bishop published a remarkable essay in the Virginia Quarterly Review entitled "The South and Tradition."

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