George Ajjan

George Ajjan, a Republican activist and member of the Arab-American Institute’s National Policy Council, writes from Clifton, New Jersey.

Latest by George Ajjan in Chronicles

  • June 2007

    Border Math: A Study in Priorities

    A rare crack in the fortified wall of the Bush administration’s diplomatic obstinacy seemed to appear as U.S. diplomats sat down in March with their Iranian and Syrian counterparts to discuss stability in Iraq.

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  • February 2007

    Swiss Cheese and Fudge

    The Democrats’ sweeping victory in the recent midterm elections has sent political shock waves around the world, especially in the Middle East—the focal point of President Bush’s foreign policy on which the November election was largely a referendum.

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  • October 2006

    A New Path to Peace

    Israel’s recent siege of Lebanon, which has imposed a crippling humanitarian, economic, and psychological setback on her northern neighbor, may return Syria to the center stage of Middle Eastern politics.

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