Geoffrey Wagner

Geoffrey Wagner is a professor emeritus of English at the City University of New York.

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  • Socialism and Reality in Central America
    December 1988

    Socialism and Reality in Central America

    As a term, imperialism underwent a number of visions and revisions at the turn of the century when the fact itself was receding. There was Bernard Bosanquet's British interpretation and, in France, the Baron de la Seilliere's multivolume opus.

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  • July 1988

    Among the Lakes

    My advice to anyone who wants to see some of the most polite people around is to get to Chile soon—before we declare war on it or the media level it into the likeness of a London suburb, with a bust of Lenin in every town hall, tax-funded homes for lesbians, and a veto on golliwog dolls.

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  • January 1988

    The Middle of the World

    Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Cayambe, Antisana, Tungurahua—the jaw-cracking, eye-chart names thunder from the map with the grandeur of the 6,000-meter, snow-capped volcanoes most of them are, staking out the spine of the Ecuadorian Andes, some of the world's finest scenery.

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  • Between Two Worlds
    August 1987

    Between Two Worlds

    Reflecting on his upbringing in Trinidad, V.S. Naipaul denies cultural identity to his part of the Caribbean: "Nothing bound us together except this common residence." Indeed, the area called Caribbean is constantly redefining itself.

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  • March 1987

    Traveling in the Black

    "I never save less than $400 on a round-trip ticket Kennedy-de Gaulle," said the 40ish, balding businessman in the paneled bar of his Manhattan club. "I fly Concorde to Paris once a month. My secretary buys my New York-Paris ticket, which is presently around $1,200, and books my return.

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  • November 1986

    Memories and Modernity in Kasbah Country

    I first visited Morocco in January 1943 as a young officer affected, with others, to the Casablanca Conference; it was considered sack time, after sterner service in the Western Desert, so called, or Libya.

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  • August 1986

    A Cultural Evening in Grenada

    During the four-and-one-half years of Cuban hegemony in Grenada, I often had cause to cross a country road from my house on the Pointe Salines peninsula to the Headquarters of the DGI (Directorio General de Intelegencia) to complain about the noise.

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Results: 27 Articles found.