Gary W. Lewandowski Jr.

Dr Gary W Lewandowski Jr is a Professor at Monmouth University, where he has published over 50 research articles and chapters. Dr Lewandowski’s research focuses on the self and relationships, which includes attraction, pick-up lines, relationship maintenance, infidelity, and break-up. His work and expertise has been featured in over 150 media outlets such as: The New York Times, CNN, Ladies Home Journal, Woman’s World, Marie Claire, WebMD, Women’s Health, Self Magazine, Woman’s Day, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Men’s Health, Scientific American Mind, and USA Today. Dr. Lewandowski is also a nationally recognized teacher who was featured in the book, Princeton Review’s: The Best 300 Professors. His articles have been enjoyed by over 3 million readers and his TED talk by over 1 million viewers.

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