Gary Jason

Gary Jason is a doctoral candidate in computer science at the University of California—Irvine.

Latest by Gary Jason in Chronicles

  • March 1987

    Doctors of Education?

    A recent issue of Forbes contained the truly wonderful news that a corporation is now selling a video encyclopedia of the 20th century. This is sure to be a hot item in the "education technology" business.

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  • October 1986

    Barroom Psychiatry

    Psychotherapy is big business. America employs perhaps a half million professionals and paraprofessionals in the field, and the talk therapy industry as a whole is worth about $17 billion.

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  • November 1985

    They Were the World

    Anyone genuinely concerned about those now suffering in Ethiopia should read Miron Dolot's powerful new book, Execution by Hunger.

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  • Commendables
    June 1985


    Thinking Clearly About War, Clear-Eyed Southerner, From the Wilderness to the White House, Satire In and Out of Season.

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