Fred West

Fred West is a retired professor of English and has worked in several countries including Greece, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia. 

Latest by Fred West in Chronicles

  • An Obsolete Congress
    August 1988

    An Obsolete Congress

    "Here, sir, the people govern," said Alexander Hamilton in 1788, as he argued for the direct election of members to the proposed U.S. House of Representatives. "Here they act by their immediate representatives."

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  • Down Home—& Out to Lunch
    July 1984

    Down Home—& Out to Lunch

    A work of fiction should make some important statement about the human condition, or it should at least entertain. Except in rare moments, James Wilcox's "Modern Baptists" does neither. Joan Williams' "Pariah and Other Stories" are gems, each complete in itself but multifaceted, flashing additional suggestions and insights or mirroring different reactions depending upon the views of the readers.

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