Eugene D. Genovese

Eugene D. Genovese (1930-2012) was an American historian of the American South and American slavery. 

Latest by Eugene D. Genovese in Chronicles

  • The Southern Tradition and the Black Experience
    August 1994

    The Southern Tradition and the Black Experience

    We are indeed engaged in a cultural war today. To win that war will require a new and hitherto unimaginable coalition across political and racial lines. Richard Weaver's contributions to that effort, notwithstanding the political partisanship appropriate to his own day, remain indispensable.

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  • A Representative Man
    October 1990

    A Representative Man

    Even in these dreariest of days in academia, when American history has largely become a plaything for canting ideologues, the Old South continues to attract outstanding talent. Fine books and articles continue to appear, as Clyde Wilson's Carolina Cavalier attests, notwithstanding the pressure from a kind of Gresham's Law.

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