Ernest Van den Haag

Ernest van den Haag writes from New York City.

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  • Why Does Suicide Have a Bad Reputation?
    August 1998

    Why Does Suicide Have a Bad Reputation?

    Whether and when we enter this world is decided not by, but for us. Nor is it up to us to decide when to leave it. Most of us would like to stay longer than we are allowed —but our lifespan is ordained by forces beyond our control.

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  • October 1996

    Hospitals and Hotels

    Once in a while I have to go to a hospital. Most people do. Of course, I go for medical reasons and don't expect it to be a pleasure trip. Fortunately, the medical care I have received in New York hospitals is superb.

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  • March 1996

    Age and Criminality

    Although crime has become a major social problem, we could vanquish it without curtailing the liberties of law-abiding citizens, without mistreating suspects or convicts, and without added cost. The only major obstacle is the inertia of legislators.

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  • October 1995

    Is War Unavoidable?

    Currently wars are being fought in the Balkans, in Russia, in Southeast Asia, and in various parts of Africa, but they involve relatively few people. Despite these wars, we live in reasonably peaceful times, and no threat of a major war appears on the horizon.

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