Elliot C. Rothenberg

Elliot C. Rothenberg is president of the North Star Legal Foundation and a past national law director of the Anti-Defamation League. 

Latest by Elliot C. Rothenberg in Chronicles

  • July 1989

    The Other Jewish America

    From the general media and Jewish weeklies published in most large American cities the reader will learn more than he cares to about the political and social doings of what Ze'ev Chafets calls "federated Judaism," an interlocking directorate of the leadership of upscale synagogues, the fund-raising community federations, and the inevitable country clubs.

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  • November 1988

    Who Speaks for the Jews?

    Just before the Minnesota caucuses, one of the nation's ten or so largest Reform Jewish synagogues, Minneapolis's Temple Israel, cosponsored a political speech by Kitty Dukakis at the synagogue's regular Friday evening sabbath service.

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  • August 1988

    Tort Law Threatens Urban Development

    A recent action by a Minneapolis judge has such a potential for inhibiting economic development of our central cities that, if a decision by a putatively less high-minded apostle of judicial restraint had anywhere near a similar impact, the miscreant would be pilloried from Cambridge to Berkeley for condemning the nation's ghettos to further impoverishment.

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  • February 1987

    Letter From Minneapolis Criminal Chic

    The gap between Middle Americans and our cultural elite is nowhere wider than on questions of crime and punishment.

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