Elizabeth Fox-Genovese

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese (1941-2007) was an American historian best known for her works on women and society in the Antebellum South.

Latest by Elizabeth Fox-Genovese in Chronicles

  • September 1990

    Whose Women's Studies?

    Women's studies has emerged and, in large measure, won its place in the academy as an unabashedly political undertaking. "Teaching," according to Florence Howe, a path breaker in women's studies, "is a political act."

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  • Ahistorical Admonitions
    January 1989

    Ahistorical Admonitions

    In "The Politics of Human Nature," Thomas Fleming has boldly undertaken to delineate a system of natural politics. A classicist by training, Fleming believes that "the collapse of Roman authority in the West created a crisis from which political thinking has never quite recovered."

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