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Egon Richard Tausch is an attorney and a former history professor in San Antonio.

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  • June 2017

    Race and Civil Rights

    One would expect race-baiting liberals and leftists to try to glorify the “civil-rights movement” and the laws of the early 1960’s, insisting that we view all of it as earth shaking history, more important than the fall of the Roman Empire, the Norman Invasion, [etc.]—assuming they have even heard of these events.

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  • February 2016

    Against the Community Organizers

    San Antonio, Texas, America’s seventh-largest city, has always owed its troubles, as well as its glory, to its geographical situation within the state, and not just because it is the nearest large city to Mexico.

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  • Paterfamilias
    May 2015


    In America today, we seem to face two alternatives: accepting hordes of invaders with alien cultures and ideologies, who are unwilling to assimilate and whose presence endangers the vestiges of our civilization; or homogenizing America into a rootless, soulless melting pot—a “proposition nation” without a past or local or family customs.

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  • The Writer and the Lawyers
    May 2014

    The Writer and the Lawyers

    Every fact of Edgar Allan Poe’s life is hotly disputed, as there is a wide range of sources, primary and secondary, to sift through, as well as thousands of utterly contradictory letters from dozens of Poe’s contemporaries.

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  • Of Presidents and Guns
    June 2013

    Of Presidents and Guns

    Under our first president, the value of the Second Amendment was tested when George Washington faced the possibility of confronting armed citizens of the United States.

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  • Electoral Map Chaos

    As of this writing, Texas is the only state in the union whose citizens have no earthly idea when, or if, they will hold a primary election for the two major parties this year. The primaries depend on a reapportionment map of the state, which doesn’t exist.

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  • Remember the (Unrevised) Alamo!
    September 2011

    Remember the (Unrevised) Alamo!

    The heart of the attack on the Alamo is the allegation that Davy Crockett and several other defenders surrendered and were executed, rather than fight to the death.

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  • October 2009

    Campus Rebellion

    It’s a story told regularly in the conservative media. A student pleads for advice: The professors at his college or university are left-wing, and he must choose between regurgitating the leftist propaganda in class discussions, term papers, exam answers, and essays for an A, or telling the truth for a low grade. What to do?

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  • Letter From Texas: <i>Gott Mit Uns</i>
  • Tom and Sally and Joe and Fawn
    March 1999

    Tom and Sally and Joe and Fawn

    The timing of Nature magazine's "expose" of Thomas Jefferson's alleged affair with his slave Sally Hemings received a great deal of press attention, coming as it did just before elections which were expected to determine a modern philandering president's fate.

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  • June 1998

    The Titanic 90's

    The umpteenth movie about the sinking of the great ship finally meets modern standards. James Cameron's Academy Award-winning Titanic may be the "movie of the year," but it is just as dishonest, immoral, cowardly, vulgar, and historically ignorant as our own age is.

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  • March 1996

    The Wonderful World of Porn

    You remembered your adolescence and those turgid paperbacks in which the vocabulary was strictly four-letter, the plot rambling and forgotten halfway through the book, and the characters' names changed periodically as though some of the chapters were lifted bodily from other books? Well, you were wrong.

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  • October 1993

    The Revolution in Waco: Torching the Constitution

    A hundred years from now historians, if they are still permitted to research and write, will argue about when the United States started down the slippery slope to totalitarianism.

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