Edward Dutton

Edward Dutton is a writer and lecturer, originally from London

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  • Finland, Democracy, and Those Cartoons
    December 2006

    Finland, Democracy, and Those Cartoons

    The Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten’s publication of the satirical cartoons depicting Muhammad prompted a crisis that touched the whole of Scandinavia. The drawings were greeted with outrage and violence from Muslims and their liberal defenders throughout the world.

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  • August 2006

    The Meaning of Racism

    Not far beneath the surface of “anti-racism” is the racist view that the white race is the dominant one, and that all white people should have collective guilt for being white. Being white, or being part of any historically dominant nation, is shameful.

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  • January 1999

    A Latter-Day Munich

    Kosovo has become a latter-day Munich. Over the past decade, it has been stylish for advocates of American intervention in the Balkans to justify their trigger- happy meddling by invoking "Munich."

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