Edward B. Anderson

Edward B. Anderson writes from Edmond, Oklahoma.

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  • Escape From Gotham
    August 2000

    Escape From Gotham

    Woiwode's time in North Dakota has been spent mostly on the business of living, but he has done some good writing as well.

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  • A Good Thing Not to Do
    July 1998

    A Good Thing Not to Do

    The announcement in February 1997 that British scientists had cloned a sheep turned the medical world upside down, Ian Wilmut and his colleagues had taken cells from an adult sheep's udder and removed the nucleus from each.

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  • Thy Will Be Done
    September 1993

    Thy Will Be Done

    P.D. James has attracted notice for how well she is able, within the confines of her mystery novels, to write about contemporary British society.

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