E. Calvin Beisner

E. Calvin Beisner is the author of Prosperity and Poverty: The Compassionate Use of Resources in a World of Scarcity

Latest by E. Calvin Beisner in Chronicles

  • October 1989

    The American Covenant

    "It is extremely frustrating to write history today because so much effort must go toward correcting the countless distortions that have been inserted into accounts of our heritage by militant secularists who twist facts to suit their narrow anti-religious political agendas."

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  • May 1989

    In Search of a Biblical Philosophy of Politics

    Just what is a truly Christian, or biblical, view of politics and government, and what difference does it make for public policy?

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  • Speaking for God or Men?
    September 1988

    Speaking for God or Men?

    For those unaware of the growing influence of religious lobbies in the nation's capital. Representing God in Washington should prove informative. It shows that religious lobbies of left and right are many and powerful, well-funded and well-staffed.

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