Rep. Donald A. Manzullo

Rep. Donald A. Manzullo Chairman of the House Committee on Small Business

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  • U.S. Economy

    The U.S. economy has shown strong signs of a turn-around. The President’s tax cuts have helped Americans turn an important corner.

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  • December 1997

    Debate on Capitol Hill

    The United Nations has generated more debate on Capitol Hill in recent months than at any time since its birth 52 years ago. Several factors account for this recent strain in relations, including the end of the Cold War and increased scrutiny by a Republican-controlled Congress.

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  • February 1997

    Judicial Taxation Without Representation

    There is an unattributed quotation that says, "The average taxpayer is the first of America's natural resources to be exhausted." The American people have turned away from a big, activist federal government because they feel they have been forgotten; in fact, taxpayer resources have long been exhausted.

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