Don Feder

Don Feder is a media consultant and free-lance writer. He is also World Congress of Families Communications Director. Feder operates Don Feder Associates, a communications firm for non-profits with a message. He was a writer for The Boston Herald for 19 years.

Latest by Don Feder in Chronicles

  • Loving the Bitch-Goddess
    January 1990

    Loving the Bitch-Goddess

    Paul Johnson's book Intellectuals, published last year, chronicles the transgressions of modern avatars of wisdom (among them Rousseau, Marx, and Sartre) who, while professing a fervent devotion to humanity, behaved inhumanly toward those most meriting their compassion—spouses, lovers, family, friends, and associates.

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  • September 1989

    A Species of Reparations

    Massachusetts State Senator William Owens, who represents an inner-city Boston district, has filed legislation to require the Commonwealth to pay reparations for slavery.

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  • Israel
    June 1989


    There is a revolution underway in Israel—an upheaval that has nothing to do with rioting Palestinians, a burgeoning Arab birthrate, or Islamic fundamentalism.

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  • September 1988

    Pilgrim's Progress

    Like many black intellectuals of his generation, Julius Lester went searching for his roots. Unlike the vast majority, he found them in a most extraordinary place.

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