Dennis R. Perry

Dennis R. Perry is a doctoral candidate in American literature at the University of Wisconsin. 

Latest by Dennis R. Perry in Chronicles

  • February 1986

    Proust Among the Buckeyes

    Originally published in 1963 by the Ohio State University Press, Ohio Town quickly drew a near-cult following that Harper & Row would now evidently like to amplify in the wake of Santmyer's best selling " . . . And Ladies of the Club." This personal diary of a small, Midwestern town's evolution can be best summed up in Santmyer's own words: "There is pleasure in what can be remembered."

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  • January 1986

    Crumpets and Crotchets

    The reader knows from the outset of Miss Read's 30th anachronistic novel of village gossip that the "affairs" at Thrush Green are not of the illicit variety.

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