David Mills

David Mills is the editor of Touchstone (www.touchstonemag.com).

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  • March 2004

    Pulling the Trigger

    At the end of the Episcopal Church, U.S.A.’s General Convention last summer, an academic friend, not an Episcopalian, asked me, “What argument is advanced against blessing polyamorous unions by those Episcopalians who favor the blessing of same-sex sexual unions?

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  • March 2001

    Liberal Slander

    At events such as the Episcopal Church's General Convention, held last July in Denver, traditional believers get slandered in all sorts of ways, most of them indirect but effective.

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  • August 1999

    Transgressing the Pieties

    As every alert American has noticed, feminist leaders have jumped to the defense of President Clinton ever since he was first accused of sexually abusing a young woman who thought she was invited to see the then-governor for a talk, perhaps about a job.

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  • December 1998

    Be Fair to the Liberals

    After some years of ecclesiastical combat (Episcopal battlefield), I think I know why so many conservative Christians do not respond to liberalism as strongly as one would expect.

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