David B. Schock

David B. Schock writes from Grand Haven, Michigan.

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  • Blowing for Elkhart
    December 2018

    Blowing for Elkhart

    Hobbled as I am by residual injury—I wear an ankle brace and limp a bit—and wheeling a large cornet/flugelhorn case, I was grateful when a man much younger than I held open a door for me as I entered the lobby for Elkhart’s Lerner Theatre.

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  • August 2001

    Calculated Acts of Goodness

    How could this be? In a Catholic school? Here? This is what they're teaching our kids? I stopped, transfixed.

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  • June 2001

    Dancing at LaRue

    The stars of the dance floor, a bantam couple, whirl to the "EE-II-EE-II-OO Polka," a tune that would be obscure to almost anybody but the Mellotones. Their feet, tiny to start with, push each between the other's with the precision of a sewing-machine needle working a button foot.

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