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  • December 2017

    The Politics of Peace

    Step by step America is being primed for war with Iran. President Trump has not actually torn up the “Iran deal,” but he “decertified” it in October, and his administration is under constant pressure from the war lobby.

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  • November 2017

    The Terminal Playboy

    When he died on September 27 at the age of 91, Hugh Hefner was no playboy. He was an old man trapped in what amounted to a factory, surrounded by silicone, plastic, and hydrogen compounds.

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  • October 2017

    Needed: Hands and Nerves

    Decades before Donald Trump vanquished Hillary Clinton, Pat Buchanan heralded the themes that would put Trump in the White House. Yet despite all that lead time, Trump’s victory was still in one sense premature.

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  • September 2017

    Nothing in the Middle

    Have you noticed? Newspapers and television channels across the land have discovered a new kind of human-interest story: the business-owning, family-man illegal immigrant who gets deported after living in this country for decades as a productive noncitizen.

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  • August 2017

    Losers Double Down

    The party of Hillary Clinton has not stopped losing since last November. This fact is easily overlooked amid all of President Trump’s bad press, but Democrats have reliably come up short in special elections from Montana to Kansas to suburban Atlanta.

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  • July 2017

    Desperate NeverTrumpers and the Constitution

    A year ago the op-ed writers who present themselves as tutors to the nation insisted that Donald Trump could not and would not become president. Progressive pundits were certain of this—after all, they didn’t know anyone who was voting for him.

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  • Progress Amid the Chaos
    July 2017

    Progress Amid the Chaos

    The foreign policy of the Trump administration remains a mass of contradictions, with the White House evidently divided among nationalists, pragmatists, and certain advisors who prescribe an ever expanding hegemony.

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  • June 2017

    Brinkmen Kim and Trump

    Contrary to what John McCain and others in Washington are saying, North Korea’s nuclear program is not a “Cuban missile crisis in slow motion.” Nor does tough talk from President Trump mean he’s about to launch preemptive strikes against Kim Jong-un.

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  • April 10, 2017

    Donald Trump’s War—Or Sound and Fury?

    [Donald Trump] need not fail in same way that Bush and Obama failed in their foreign policies. To succeed, however, he has to do something different, something that does not involve creating more chaos in the name of regime change.

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  • No Place for Humanity: Our Free-Chosen Dystopia
    May 2017

    No Place for Humanity: Our Free-Chosen Dystopia

    Dystopian literature is a moral genre, a critique not only of power but, in its most outstanding classics, of progressivism. Without being conservative or right wing, it is often antileft.

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  • The Politics of Life—and Politics
    April 2007

    The Politics of Life—and Politics

    Ancient history is worth keeping in mind when confronting the claims of the pro- and anti-abortion and euthanasia camps, since both tend to couch their arguments in terms of abstract universal human rights, rather than appeal to tradition, faith, and history.

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  • Right Deserves Might
    August 2006

    Right Deserves Might

    The world could use a few more volumes devoted to Grover Cleveland; it has little need for more books about Theodore Roosevelt. But if more there must be, at least the two under consideration here explore terrain not yet strip-mined.

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  • Enemies Right and Left
    April 2006

    Enemies Right and Left

    Until the day he died in April 1964, John T. Flynn insisted that he was a liberal. Once, that self-designation had not been controversial. This was a man who, as a member of the New York City Board of Higher Education in the 1930’s, had fought the conservative president of City University for the rights of student radicals.

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  • Progress in the Sands
    October 2005

    Progress in the Sands

    What sets Sands of Empire apart from the growing list of books scrutinizing the Bush administration’s foreign policy is its philosophical ambition.

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  • Rule Columbia!
    April 2004

    Rule Columbia!

    If the publishing industry has played any part in the supposed recent economic revival, it can, perhaps, thank George W. Bush.

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