Dan McMurry

Dan McMurry is a professor of sociology at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro. 

Latest by Dan McMurry in Chronicles

  • October 1990

    The Myth of the Homeless Family

    I had just finished delivering the keynote address at the Hesburgh Public Policy Colloquium on "Housing and Homelessness" at the University of Notre Dame, and the questioning had begun.

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  • April 1989

    The Speechless Sick

    Two-Step is a tall, skinny black man who has lived at the Nashville Union Rescue Mission for seven years. In nice weather he can be seen standing beside the Mission holding his pajama bottom up with one hand and doing a slow, rhythmical shuffle, hour after hour.

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  • December 1988

    No Hope for the Homeless

    This book is a 272-page inventory of Mother Hubbard's cupboard. Almost without exception, the contributed articles treat the homeless as some vague, faceless group, far distant from the authors' time and place.

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  • Hard Living on Easy Street
    August 1988

    Hard Living on Easy Street

    With the falling leaves and falling temperatures, hordes of newspeople looking for the hungry and homeless descended on the missions and the shelters. Now collectively called Street People, Streetniks (my term) became the "darlings of the press".

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