Clinton W. Trowbridge

Clinton W. Trowbridge writes from Sedgwick, Maine.

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  • September 1995

    In Praise of Inexcellence

    All that talk about being the best is Olympic fever, ad hype. If everyone were the best, where would the rest of us be? In sports this is obvious. Perhaps not so much so in advanced nuclear physics.

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  • August 1993

    Is This America, or What?

    We don't weigh much: maybe 40, 50 pounds. We're light compared to you. And that's how it all got started. Some big guy got mad at Joey LaRoy down at MacNab's Bar and Grill.

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  • April 1992


    "Whew-whew! Whew-Whew!" I looked past my mother through the half open taxi window. An old man in a grey flecked, tweed jacket was walking a Scotch terrier on a leash.

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  • December 1991

    Confessions of an Ex-Marine

    "Left! — — Left! — — Left! Right! Left!" The drill instructor inside of me had successfully surfaced and was now exulting in command.

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