Claude Polin

Claude Polin (1937-2018) was professor emeritus of philosophy at the University of Paris-Sorbonne. He was a French political, academic and essayist philosopher. Legitimist royalist, he was a specialist in totalitarianism and liberalism, of which he was also an opponent.

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  • Conservatism as Medicine
    December 2005

    Conservatism as Medicine

    What are the basic tenets of modernity? What is the mind and temper of modern man? I would feel rather foolish to try to reply in a few paragraphs if I did not think that the spirit of modernity boils down eventually to only one idea that reappears constantly under an indefinite variety of guises.

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  • Tocqueville’s America and America Today
    October 2004

    Tocqueville’s America and America Today

    At the time of Alexis de Tocqueville’s writing, the French Revolution still loomed over minds and, with it, memories of a bloodbath and of a new kind of tyranny. The American Revolution seemed to offer grounds for rosier hopes about democracy.

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  • America in Europe, Europe in America
    May 2004

    America in Europe, Europe in America

    What the Europeans call America—that is, Canada and the United States—was fostered by what we usually refer to as Europe. If men and women had not left the Old World, there would not be any New World as we know it.

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  • The French Revolution in Three Acts
    July 2003

    The French Revolution in Three Acts

    To put it in a nutshell, the French Revolution may be viewed as a lesson on the power of one of the most common of human vices: vanity, or the desire for social recognition—provided it is understood that lust for social standing is inversely proportionate to the love of those principles and ideas that are the true props of self-esteem.

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Results: 44 Articles found.