Christopher Muldor

Christopher Muldor is a writer and criminologist in Philadelphia. 

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  • September 1986

    The Mafioso

    According to some theorists, most of America's woes began with the arrival of big government in 1932. Before that time, so the story goes, liberty was the rule, the work ethic was alive and well, God was in the classroom, and all was well with the world.

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  • August 1986

    Madman in the Dock

    When John Hinckley was acquitted in 1982 for his attempted assassination of the President, the verdict galvanized opposition to the insanity defense. Some lawmakers wanted to restrict the use of the defense or even abolish it altogether.

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  • February 1986

    The Libertarian Temptation

    Is it possible for the traditional conservative concern with virtue and the good society to be reconciled with the libertarian emphasis on individual freedom? Should libertarianism be considered part of conservatism, or is it an alien presence?

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  • October 1985

    Reagan's Rhetoric

    It may well be indicative of real progress in America that we are now able to read the Presidential speeches of a man that leading commentators frequently declared unelectable a decade ago.

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