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Christopher Check is President of Catholic Answers. He worked at The Rockford Institute for 19 years.

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  • Not Ready, Aim, Misfire America's Modern Military
    August 1999

    Not Ready, Aim, Misfire America's Modern Military

    Embarkation is the business of puzzling large weapons and vehicles, and the Marines that go with them, onto a ship that is run by a man who insists he does not have enough space for all that you need to take in order to do your job once he takes you where you need to go.

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  • Recent Run of Multiple Births

    Professional pro-lifers have praised the courage of mothers who, faced with real threats to their health or the health of their unborn children, have rebuffed the modern medicine men offering "selective reduction."

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  • December 1998

    Self-Loathing in Abundance

    Pope Paul VI, whose encyclical Humanae Vitae turned 30 this year, predicted that the proliferation of artificial contraception would bring "conjugal infidelity and the general lowering of morality."

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  • Always With You

    The most ambitious welfare scheme to date may be the Comprehensive Child Development Program (CCDP), a research project involving some 4,000 households across the country. After nearly a decade and 300 million tax dollars, the project is an utter failure.

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  • February 1998

    Highest Honor—Until Now

    The Congressional Medal of Honor (CMH) is our nation's highest award for valor under fire. The criteria are stiff: a deed of such exceptional bravery that failure to do it would draw no criticism; two eye-witnesses; and, above all, the risk of life.

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  • A Face-Off

    Archbishop William Levada, the Roman Catholic ordinary of San Francisco, and the city's leftist mayor, Willie Brown, squared off last February, and though the debate may continue over who drew more blood, it's clear who was left staggering at the bell.

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  • December 1996

    Marines on Okinawa

    The Japanese Supreme Court, 650 miles away in Tokyo, set him straight: private property is where the emperor quarters his troops. In this case, however, because Japan has not paid for its own defense for half a century, the imperial troops are not sword-swinging samurai, but the United States Marines.

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  • Well Deserved Criticism

    While most of the popular scorn has targeted Hillary's propaganda for the Democratic Party, her personal childrearing philosophy has either gone unnoticed, or worse, passed muster, even on the right.

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  • December 1995

    The War on Homeschoolers

    Homeschooling is one of the many fronts in the state's war against the citizen. Despite the efforts of organizations such as the Home School Legal Defense Association, the Rutherford Institute, and Eagle Forum, as well as longstanding laws that protect family autonomy, homeschooling parents are still viewed as neglectful if not downright abusive.

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  • Our Global Parents
    October 1995

    Our Global Parents

    Many defenders of the family are more worried about world government than the terrific power their own local child savers wield, which is surprising.

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  • Brief Mentions
    July 1995

    Brief Mentions

    Devil Dogs forced to watch their Corps become a corporation—Total Quality Management, affirmative action, sexual harassment awareness training—will draw inspiration from E.B. Sledge's book, originally published in 1981 and soon to be reissued.

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  • May 1995

    Licensing Parents

    Licensing Parents, a new book by University of Wisconsin psychiatrist Jack C. Westman, bewails a recent surge in "incompetent parenting," a phenomenon which he defines as depriving a child not only of sufficient food, clothing, and shelter, but also of "affectionate holding, touching and talking," all the while displaying an "insensitivity to a child's initiatives and reactions."

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  • January 1995

    National Retreat From Marriage

    Bill Bennett seems determined to illustrate the old saw that generals are always fighting the last war. As the infantry struggles to arrest the invasion of special privileges for sodomites, now comes the order from the rear to give up the current battle and engage a "new" enemy; divorce.

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  • Acting Up
    December 1994

    Acting Up

    Faithful Roman Catholics are routinely criticized (this book is no exception) for their unwillingness to condone the use of contraception. Although it is commonly believed that opposition to contraception is unique to Catholic doctrine, it was only recently that Protestants gave up the same fight.

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  • July 1994

    Personal Moral Values

    Marines are a direct lot, not much given to subtlety. Their simple nature enables them to spot a ruse from the 500-meter line, and, on the issue of sodomites, they have quickly identified as nonsense Mr. Clinton's doublespeak about "status" and "conduct."

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  • December 1993

    New and Old Catholicism

    The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is keeping pace with the rest of the Church in America as it embraces the usual causes and crusades under the banners of "community" and "equality" while all but shedding Catholic inconveniences like Mortal Sin and Sanctifying Grace.

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Results: 36 Articles found.