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Chris Timmers, a graduate of West Point, served as a rifle platoon leader in the 82nd Airborne Division and commanded a mechanized infantry company in the 3rd Infantry Division in Europe.

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  • Slaying Dragons, Coddling Snakes
    August 2020

    Slaying Dragons, Coddling Snakes

    David Kilcullen argues in The Dragons and the Snakes that the West’s mixed success against non-state adversaries to date compels a more hands-off approach going forward, even if such a strategy contravenes conventional military tactics. ...

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  • <em>Books in Brief</em>
    June 2020

    Books in Brief

    The Art of Statistics, by David Spiegelhalter (Basic Books; 448 pp., $32.00). Uncanny Valley: A Memoir, by Anna Wiener (MCD; 288 pp., $27.00).

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  • The War for America
    November 2019

    The War for America

    In many ways the American Revolution was unavoidable. Given the struggle to control the resources and riches of these British colonies, armed conflict was an eventuality that could have been foreseen with a little imagination. Britain’s North American colonies offered riches too extensive and necessary to the growth of empire.

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  • We Ought to Like Ike
    July 2019

    We Ought to Like Ike

    As a second-year West Point cadet in March 1969, I was returning to my room after chemistry class midafternoon on a Friday. As I stepped inside Pershing Barracks, I saw a number of cadets huddled around a note posted on the stairway railing.

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  • Not Just Any Book
    October 2018

    Not Just Any Book

    Two questions immediately suggest themselves regarding this work: Who was (or is) Pandora (and her box), and do we really need yet another book on World War I, detailing its causes, alliances, generals, battles—replete with maps, photos, charts and so forth?

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  • Mission Accomplished
    January 2018

    Mission Accomplished

    Gary Sheffield is an old hand at writing the history of World War I. In addition to being a professor of war studies at the University of Wolverhampton, he was co-editor of Douglas Haig: War Diaries and Letters, 1914-18.

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  • March 1998

    The Service Academy Dudes

    Among the many things I remember is how nice the "digs" were: we were on the second floor of a well-appointed office building in the South Park area of Charlotte—a tony, upscale area with a beautiful, expansive shopping center, numerous boutiques, top-flight restaurants, coffeehouses before coffeehouses became chic.

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Results: 7 Articles found.