Charles A. Moser

Charles A. Moser is professor of Slavic at George Washington University. 

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  • September 1987

    The Hammer of Hunger

    When, from time to time, a responsible official in the United States suggests we employ our abundance of food as a "weapon" in our struggle with Communist totalitarianism, a clamor of protest arises from one end of the country to the other.

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  • February 1985

    Bulgarian Death Squad

    In 1962 a one-time engineer, Georgi Markov, rose meteroically to the upper reaches of the Bulgarian literary elite upon the publication of a novel entitled Men, which brought him the privilege of membership in the Writer's Union.

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  • De-Filed
    December 1984


    Although Penn Kimball the citizen is the victim of a moral and legal injustice documented in this book, Penn Kimball the journalist and political liberal has been subjected to a kind of poetic justice.

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  • July 1984

    Tending the Abused Garden

    By acting as he did, Max Hayward may have promoted the destruction of a freer Russian culture within the Soviet Union by helping to create the conditions which led to the recent expulsions.

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  • Knuckling Under & Soaring Free
    April 1984

    Knuckling Under & Soaring Free

    The modern communist state is peculiar in that its establishment in a particular country motivates emigration on a scale unknown in previous centuries, as ordinary people discard their earthly possessions, their native society, to es cape an intolerable regime.

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