C. Jay Engel

C. Jay Engel works as a strategic business advisor and writes from his home near the Sierra Nevadas of Northern California. He lives with his wife and their four homeschooled children.

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  • The Soft Revolution
    September 2021

    The Soft Revolution

    The West is moving at an ever-accelerating pace toward "soft totalitarianism," Rod Dreher argues in his recent book Live Not by Lies.

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  • The Radicalization of the Bourgeois Neighbor
    October 27, 2020

    The Radicalization of the Bourgeois Neighbor

    The American middle-class, the large center unwilling to venture too far ideologically in the 19th and 20th centuries, has embrace the social themes of the radical left. But our cultural direction was foisted upon us. This was not organic.

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  • Up From Libertarianism
    October 2020

    Up From Libertarianism

    Libertarianism was a way forward for those disillusioned with America's two-party system, but it is now clear that the ideals of liberty have been subverted by the left. Only political power can preserve the cultural and ethnic roots of America.

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  • The Tragedy of the Atomic Bomb
    August 2020

    The Tragedy of the Atomic Bomb

    Roosevelt’s policy of unconditional surrender reached its tragic culmination in death and destruction for Japan, and became the first step toward a new era of American foreign policy which saw the Old Republic continue its long march toward Empire.

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