Bruce Guernsey

Bruce Guernsey is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Eastern Illinois University.

Latest by Bruce Guernsey in Chronicles

  • December 2003

    American Hardware

    Last Sunday, I bumped into Ron at the hardware store. In the central Midwest, where I live, it’s not unusual to meet an old friend pushing his cart full of home repairs, especially on a Sunday.

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  • April 2002

    Busing to Byzantium

    A couple of springs ago, my daughter and I took a bus from Thessaloniki in northern Greece over the mountains to Istanbul. The trip was ghastly.

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  • February 2001

    The Ax, the Scythe, and the Pen

    As we speed along the information highway at the close of one millennium and the beginning of another, it might be wise to stop for a moment, if not by woods on a snowy evening, at least at the next rest area.

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