Brion McClanahan

Brion McClanahan is editor of The Abbeville Review and the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Founding Fathers (Regnery, 2009) and The Founding Fathers’ Guide to the Constitution (Regnery History, 2012).

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  • Stop Playing the Left’s Game
    July 2021

    Stop Playing the Left’s Game

    The Claremont School gives unwitting aid and comfort to the left, by playing the game of projecting contemporary moral standards onto the past. Conservatives should respond with logic, rather than fantasy.

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  • Rejecting the 'Proposition Nation'
    April/May 2021

    Rejecting the 'Proposition Nation'

    The left’s ‘1619 Project’ and the conservative 1776 Commission both rely on a distorted picture of the American founding.

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  • Deconstructing the 1619 Project
    February 2020

    Deconstructing the 1619 Project

    Several years ago, I purchased a used copy of Robert Fogel and Stanley Engerman’s Time on the Cross: The Economics of American Negro Slavery (1974), one of the five most important books on American slavery that have appeared in the last 50 years. The previous owner had inserted a series of newspaper clippings of book reviews and essays written around the time the book was published. This material also included his handwritten notes on the subject, including a description of a Liberty Fund conference on slavery held during the late 1990s. He expressed shock at the taboo nature of the topic and was dismayed by the relative lack of civility from the panel even 30 years after the height of the Civil Rights movement.

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  • The Reinvention of Reconstruction
    February 2020

    The Reinvention of Reconstruction

    American conservatives have rightly viewed the post-Civil War Reconstruction period as a tragic era rife with corruption, scandal, mismanagement, and unconstitutional uses of power at both the state and federal level. Unfortunately, many have also been deceived by a leftist narrative of Reconstruction as a flawed but ultimately virtuous project, and this has distorted their view of the entirety of American history.

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  • Forgetting Colin Kaepernick
    January 2017

    Forgetting Colin Kaepernick

    This may be too much to ask, but a little education can go a long way. For now, I would encourage Americans who still insist on watching professional football not to boil at Kaepernick and, instead, to rethink why they are standing every time the “national” government insists on it.

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