Brian Robertson

Brian Robertson writes from Washington, D.C.

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  • Experiencing Civilization
    November 1998

    Experiencing Civilization

    In the home, away from the scientific model that permeates our Deweyized, politically correct classrooms, young children can experience the thrill and wonder of discovering our common cultural heritage in the company and under the direction of the persons best situated to devote themselves wholeheartedly to their development.

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  • Speech for Speech's Sake Free
    July 1993

    Speech for Speech's Sake Free

    One of the unfortunate after-effects of the so-called "Red Scare" of the early 50's was the triumph of the "no limits" interpretation of the First Amendment, which has poisoned American political thought ever since.

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  • Reinventing America
    January 1993

    Reinventing America

    No public figure in American history is more inscrutable than Abraham Lincoln. While this is in some measure due to his extraordinary deftness as a politician, it is primarily the result of his astounding success in refounding the Republic in his own image.

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  • Encyclopedia Britannica
    October 1991

    Encyclopedia Britannica

    Paul Johnson has done it again: he has written a book so huge in scope that it fairly begs to be challenged by academics as a cursory treatment of history.

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  • April 1991

    Progressive Pilgrims

    "It is risky to write about an ongoing series of events, in this case the Catholic church's history in the second half of the twentieth century," writes Thomas Molnar in the introduction to The Church, Pilgrim of Centuries.

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